Greetings from the president

Dear Korea Multimedia Society’s member,

The Korea Multimedia Society(KMMS), founded in 1997, has grown into a major national multimedia society in the IT field that currently has over 6,208 academically active members.

With the expansion of the internet, multimedia technology has been evolving and developing rapidly and has received recognition as a key technology of the 21st century.

Accordingly, KMMS has been organizing various academic publications, presentations and exhibits on multimedia.

Around 180 research papers are annually published through KMMS’s monthly journals. In addition, KMMS has recently published an English journal, Journal of Multimedia and Information Systems (JMIS), and is continually contributing to its internationalization.

KMMS continues to accomplish impressive growth and has received recognition for excellence in quality by being ranked 43th in a total 1,592 journals accredited by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) at its Ko-Factor assessment.

KMMS has also been included as one of the most excellent 66 journals among 5,634 journals at the ministry of education of South Korea’s journal preference assessment. Please contribute your attention, love and active participation to KMMS. I promise to do my best for the development of KMMS with all members.

Thank you.

January, 1st, 2019

President of Korea Multimedia Society, Cheeyong Kim