The Korea Multimedia Society, founded in the Busan area in 1997, has grown into a major national multimedia society organization in the IT field (multimedia, game, movie and video, IT S/W). KMMS currently has around 6000 academically active members. With the improvement of the internet, multimedia technology has been evolving and developing rapidly and has received recognition as a key technology of the 21st century. As a result, global organizations are fiercely competing to further research and develop media technology. In a rapidly changing environment, KMMS has been organizing various academic conferences, presentations, publications, and exhibits on multimedia including the game, movie, and video areas. Our society desires to popularize multimedia technology.

Journal of Korea Multimedia Society, KMMS’s monthly journal, is accredited by the National Research Foundation of Korea. KMMS annually publishes 12 times, totaling around 180 research papers reviewed by strict assessment. Also, KMMS quarterly publishes an English journal, The Journal of Multimedia and Information Systems (JMIS). JMIS is continually striving to become a high quality international SCI-level journal in the multimedia and other IT related fields.

In addition, KMMS has been organizing national spring and fall conferences in order to provide a space for intellectual exchange for different sectors of the academic society: universities, research institutions, and industries. Through these conferences, KMMS seeks to bridge disciplines together to present, discuss, and improve recent research and technological developments.

KMMS annually hosts an international conference known as MITA. MITA has been held at IT outdated Asia countries to share Korea’s advanced multimedia and IT technology, provide IT books (written in English), and notebooks. Through these actions, KMMS has been serving a private foreign diplomatic role.

Also, Korea Multimedia Society has received recognition for excellence in quality by being ranked 43th in a total of 1,592 journals accredited by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) at its Ko-Factor assessment. KMMS has also been selected as one of the most excellent 66 journals among 5,634 journals at the Journal Preference Assessment by the ministry of education of South Korea.

We have provided a place for multimedia and IT-related companies to share ideas and collaborate through our technology workshops, presentations, and exhibitions. We have particularly been giving more attention to different industrial affiliate programs because we desire to contribute to future regional industrial developments. KMMS welcomes researchers, developers, engineers and degree holders in multimedia, gaming, movies, video, and the IT area. We look forward to the active participation and contribution of those interested.